Only show a list of data that you want to show in Odoo

Whenever I want to filter the list in many2many field, I just need to add a domain into that field in Python file or in XML side. For example, I want to show only locations used for internal purposes. So I add domain=[(’usage’, ‘=’, 'internal’)] into Python field or domain=”[(’usage’…

An easy syntax and its comparison to the original query

The more complex the system I created, the more complex the way I need to get my data. This also happens when I need to create/write data because its field relation has too complicated. This sort of problem often just appears in the middle of development. Many frameworks have poor…

No more print()

For you that have been work in a computer-related field, certainly feel familiar with debugging term. It is the process of finding where and how bugs ‘accidentally’ created in the system so then we can resolve it. We can use the manual way or the automatic way. For the latter…

Handle various import for many occasions

Odoo has provided us an easy way to import data from excel or CSV file. It can be accessed from all of existing tree’s menu. I just need to click import button, select a file, and then import. Just like that.

That refers to filtered records in Odoo

There are two easy ways to create Smart Button in Odoo. Object type and Action type. The difference is just the place of the logic code will be written. This button is created to call records of selected database table from the current place. Also when I call it, I…

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