Burning Jono: The Rich Unemployment-Musician

Or you can called him Jono Terbakar

Amirul M.
3 min readMay 12, 2020


Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

Burning Jono (Jono Terbakar) is a band/soloist from Yogyakarta, Indonesia that initiated on 2013 by Nihan Lanisy. So far, he has released 22 albums. So it’s not too exaggerated if I call him as the most productive musician, whether is good or not. But hey, the music is limitless. If you can’t see the unique side or the catchy/funny song of him, maybe you are not the targetted market.

He dedicated himself as the rich unemployment (translate: pengangguran berpenghasilan tinggi), not the freelancer musician. Because the meaning of the former one is he can create music as free as he want.

Most of his songs are under Creative Common license. So I can download legally from anywhere, even he provided in HIS official website.

Album & Song

Most of the albums has been uploaded in Spotify. These are some of them that I casually listen.

Album on Spotify
Mini Album

My short guide, if I want the catchy song to listen, I play Dunyakhirat album. But if I want to listen the funny one, I play Happy-Mental and Karoseri. That’s my 3 top album of his work. He also produced instrumental songs in Sederhana with the title of its songs are ordered from 1 to 9: Lagu 1, Lagu 2, …, Lagu 9. Haha.


I recently read a book to make writings in a happy way. It’s called free writing. I can write whatever I want until finish without looking back and with no editing any single word/punctuation. This matched with most of viral threads I’ve seen in Twitter and in this case, in JonTer’s journal.

He almost writes in his blog every day and when we look, its writings seem trivial. But that’s the point of free writing. Not too well-structured paragraphs and not must long writing. He just writes what in his mind from what he just experienced. Same with his songs, it’s a fun to read.


First and Last Perform as A band (That I See)

He performs with a changeable format up to the client’s request. The first time I watch his live, he performs in a complete pack in Condongcatur. At that time, I just know some of his songs like Atos, Sepatu Sporty, and Ranu kumbolo. It’s catchy and likable songs. He starts with Cino, a funny song that been wrote and delivered in an eccentric way. His performance that night was fun and enjoyable, the crowd looks confused “What song is this?” But most of them were laughing for a happy reason.

Second Performance

The second time, I watched when he performs as the opening band of tigapagi, or maybe not because he’s one of the artists of that night? He performs as a soloist with collaboration with the sound vendor of the event (Yeah, you don’t read it wrong, the vendor. Eccentric right?. Haha). His perform is funny as always. I can call that he performed as a musician plus stand-up comedian. At this time, I have listened to most of his songs so I can sing along when he sings it. Yeay, karaoke mode unlocked.

Happy listening all!